Maybe I will come up with a more sophisticated system in the future. But for now, welcome to this “minimalist” cataloging system. 

Featured Reads

  • I guess featured reads are the equivalent to five star reviews. They are books I feel really passionate about, and will probably come along with a lengthy, gushing post.


  • All other books I read. They could be good, bad, or DNF-ed.

Opinion Posts

  • Basically things about the online book community, reviewing, etc., that I have opinions on.

BFF Bookclub

  • Just a way for me to keep track of what my best friend and I are reading. Likely includes reviews as well, so you might want to check these out if you want to see something on buddy reads.

Reading Challenges

  • Tracking what reading challenges I participate in & probably shows you that I am not really good at sticking with reading challenges.