Me ReesieHow did Reorganized Reading begin? I started this blog on a cold winter morning in late December 2017. So it is still in its infancy stages. The idea for this blog began in an effort to bring two things I enjoy in my free time: books & bullet journaling. This is my second blogging attempt, but I’m hopeful it will be more successful than the first time.

What sort of content can I expect? On the bookish side of things I will definitely be posting reviews, reading challenges, & other related content developed by the book blogging community. On the BuJo side of things, most likely my adventures with it. It’s a newer hobby, so expect to see a lot of jagged attempts at straight lines, and goofy doodles.

What types of books do you read? So many things. Lately I’ve become a fan of psychological thrillers, and books dealing with WW2. I also have a limited knowledge of the classics, so I intend to read more of those in 2018. But I’m open to recommendations, and love bonding with other people over books that they’re passionate about.

Outside of books & bullet journaling, who are you? My full name is Courtney Lynn. I’m from the suburbs of Western Pennsylvania, and live with my husband (affectionately to be referred to as hubster on this blog), and our 2 year old dogger, Reesie. I enjoy hot coffee immensely, learning languages, travel, & a myriad of other things. I’m a left brained lefty, and like to think I am talented when it comes to writing.


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