Monthly Highlights: February

One week into March [d: maart] and I am finally getting around to my February [d: februari] journal highlights!

As I mentioned earlier, that bright & shiny new year feeling dwindles the further into each year we get. And while that good feeling may have disappeared, we can still find ways to track our goal progress throughout the year.

In reflecting on my multitude of goals for 2019, I think I’m doing ok. I’m certainly not perfect, and some goals may be more prominently focused than others from month to month, but all in all, I am working them all.

Below are some highlights from all three [d: drie] of my journals. Again, I use a combination of daily journaling & bullet journaling to keep track of my life and goals. Under a read more post because this is lengthy due to photos used.

My third journal was a Christmas gift from one of my good friends. I love the cover of it, and that it is lined. My other journals are dotted, so working with a new format was kind of exciting because it made me figure out new ways to do my spreads. It’s also softer than my usual hardcover journals, so this played a part in some of the formatting decisions I made.

So I went for a more minimalist theme for my  February calendar spread. I figured it might put a strain on the spine of the journal to lay it flat and sketch out a full calendar spread like I did in January. Plus, I have a good bit of washi tape that I need to utilize. And doesn’t mixed medium stuff look super cool? img_9698.jpg

In keeping with a more minimalist mindset, I used a simple spread for my habits in February. I also wanted to maintain a specific color scheme for the month, so this was an opportunity to show that off. The quote also was important for me to look at on a daily basis. I think when we write out affirmations and read them on a consistent basis, they’re more likely to ring true and be believed by us. I plan on keeping up with this style through March.

Does anyone else believe in the power of printed words?

My habits overall were good. I worked on some things that I didn’t even touch in January; novel writing being the biggest one here. So I am pretty pleased with the balance I am trying to maintain.

And below are just some highlights from my dailies that I wanted to share with everyone. In keeping with the same concept from the previous month, I am including Dutch in the days, months, and date for each daily. This is a way for me to recall days, months, and numbers in a new language I am attempting to learn. I do insert a few Dutch words [d: Nederlands woorden] here and there, but it’s not on a consistent basis. Still, some is better than none!

I am also looking to Pinterest more and more for artistic inspiration and quotes, and to expand my own interpretations of mixed media content. It also helps that I share my dailies with a buddy and we give each other positive feedback on our entries.

Inspiration can be found in many forms, what are some things that inspire you regularly?

Moving onto my bookish pages in journal number two [d: twee]; I found myself reading less in February. In January I tackled a record breaking seven books [d: zeven boeken]! So it was not surprising to me that things slowed down a bit in February.

But that doesn’t make my bookish pages any less meaningful. I read three fabulous books this month, and made significant progress on a monster buddy read!

I’ve been regularly posting my bookish spreads to my Instagram account, and I really like how that content is displayed there. I think I will continue primarily posting these there, but also sharing here for those who might not be on Insta to fully enjoy. Since I only did three for this month, I’ll post them all. But I think for months where I have more than three, I might need to select a few favorites.

I will likely not use all of pages I reserved for these types of posts before the year is out though, thus forcing me to still work out of multiple journals. We will see how it all unfolds though as time marches on. 🙂

And then we have my original journal, which I converted into my language learning journal. I have minimalist trackers in this one so I can see where I am with my Duolingo and Babbel progress. Basically each time I achieve the next level or complete a lesson, I color in the blocks.

Language 1

As you can see there’s been some real progress in both learning platforms. I’m almost halfway done with the “Dutch for Your Vacation,” lessons on Babbel (good thing because I leave in less than two months for Belgium hah). And I achieved level three proficiency status on six lessons on Duolingo. I haven’t watched anymore Samson en Gert though. But still, making progress in 2/3 areas isn’t bad.

I have also kept up to date on my daily Dutch words. Now, I might not remember to update this daily, but the amount of words equates to where we are at with the year. So I am happy to say I’ve maintained that.

365 Dutch Words 2.jpg

Another new thing I recently started is phrases and words from Babbel for me to write out in both Dutch and English. This is to better my vocabulary retention on specific things that I appear to struggle with whenever I do the lessons on Babbel. Babbel requires more retention of words and phrases than Duolingo, but I think both apps are still good tools for the independent language learner.

Babbel Lists

And I have shared my French tracker also. I don’t have much progress to report with French. I have been giving most of my focus to Dutch with French as an after thought. But this month I have tried to do both in tandem, so I might have more progress report to report at the beginning of April.

So those are my journal highlights for February.

Anyone else out there tracking meaningful things in a journal? How are those new year goals still holding up?

I’d love to hear from all you BuJo lovers out there!



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