Coffee Over Cardio Benefits

Last November, I became a barista babe (aka brand representative) for a coffee start up called Coffee Over Cardio. They are a group of individuals, primarily on IG, committed to leading healthy lifestyles, while maintaining an unhealthy obsession with coffee.

I will mention that I am not paid by the company to make posts about them. This is purely me telling you (with no benefits to myself) that this brand is great for all coffee lovers out there trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Most nutritional guides will say you can have between 2-3 cups of coffee without killing your diet. And most health professionals will tell you that this is also a safe amount to drink. But unless you are a hardcore, black coffee type of person, it’s not the coffee itself that is killing your diet, but the unhealthy additives that go into it. The syrups, the sugars, or even worse, the sweeteners, and the creamers all add up to calories that pack on the pounds. These types of drinks taste great in the moment, but often leave you with a bloated feeling or make you crash so hard that you have to keep buying into this vicious cycle. Not to mention, they are expensive and can break the bank if you aren’t careful!

Which is why Coffee Over Cardio is such a great coffee brand to help break you of these habits (if it is an area of concern). From the minute I got my first package, the smell hit me like that familiar sensation of walking into a coffee shop. Immediately my senses knew they were in for a treat. And after brewing my first cup, I knew my relationship with coffee would never be quite the same.


Here are what I believe the top reasons why you should stop drinking your current brand and switch to Coffee Over Cardio:

  1. Less caloric intake due to using less flavored creamers, sugars, and other unhealthy additives. This is important if you’re someone who is conscious and actively working to achieving a fitness goal(s). The flavored coffees allow you to use less creamer or milk (almond milk will curdle in a couple, but although it looks funny, doesn’t really impact the taste), which gets rid of that bloated feeling. The taste is rich, smooth and has a hint of whatever flavor you choose. Side note: Everyone needs to try Messy Bun (Cinnamon Roll flavored), at least once!
  2. Organic coffee beans mean low acid coffee. Now, full disclaimer, I am not a health professional or a licensed nutritionist or anything. I am basing this statement 100% on the fact that I usually have stomach issues after drinking really strong coffee. With Coffee Over Cardio, I have none of this! In fact, I feel my gut health has improved. I feel like if you’re someone who experiences stomach issues directly after drinking coffee, this might be a great solution for you too! Of course, everyone is different, so there are no guarantees with this, but it is definitely worth trying!
  3. Long lasting coffee bags. As a barista babe, I am required to make one purchase per month, so I kind of have a revolving order on their coffee in place. However, I will say that two bags of Coffee Over Cardio lasted me two months! Pro-tip: I mix one scoop of dark roast with a flavored roast for optimal flavor, and caffeine kick.
  4. Eco-friendly for those Keurig fanatics. Well, mostly any coffee that you purchase in a bag is! But this is available in bag form, therefore forcing you to use reusable K-cups, cutting back on plastic waste.
  5. Discounts! If you want 10% off a product, you can use my promo code: reading10 when you check out.

This product is fantastic! I absolutely love the flavored coffees and think they encourage you to use way less creamer then you otherwise would. Unless of course you like your coffee black. I still believe you could find something that works for your taste buds with six different flavors!

Besides, who doesn’t love to curl up with a good cup of coffee [d: koffie] and a good book [d: goed boek]?

Until next time, bookworms!


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