Bout of Books updates…

…reorganized-reading style.

I’m always coming up with new ways of logging information about my life, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is my third method of logging my progress for Bout of Books.

Now, if you followed this blog around the time of its rebirth (around Jan 2018), you might remember that I was updating my BoB progress here.

But in another twist, to remain interesting & offer some splashes of color, I decided to combine the two things this blog is really about. My love of bullet journaling & books.

So here we go. I give you the first of 7 excerpts from the pages of my bujo, including little fun facts about me, pages read, books I’m on (and hopefully books I will complete). Also, check out my TBR list for this year’s Bout of Books on my bookstagram (well, it’s not just strictly books, but books dominate it quite a bit).

BoutofBooks Goals & Day 1

How did everyone else do for Bout of Books? Are you signed up? Make sure you sign up & make it official, so you can participate in the cool giveaways & prizes that will arise!



  1. Yeah, it’s also kind of therapeutic for me! Because I have to color in and doodle and stylize letters. It’s fun & relaxing 🙂

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