Review: Emma in the Night

(Side note: I updated my star rating key, so check the link above for full explanation of what each rating means! :))

Emma in the Night is truly twisted & thrilling read! It’s hard to give this one a long review without giving too much away. Wendy Walker sets up some things pretty early on, but you don’t exactly know when things are going to happen and the full extent to which they occur. She teases the nature of some characters, so you have an idea of what is going to happen, but there were still a couple of twists.

In spite of knowing or being able to anticipate some of the plot twists, I really liked both narrators. Cass & Dr. Winter were great characters, both who kind of understood one another’s psychology without ever having to really talk about it. This bond was fascinating as were the descriptions of narcissistic personality disorder.

A lot of what happens is based on this disorder, and the author does a good job of commenting on it whilst educating the reader more about. As someone who suffers from mental illness, this was kind of fascinating to me.

I think with a psychological thriller like this, it’s important to care about the characters and to also be urged to read on by the author. Walker creates empathetic characters and drives the reader to move forward. I would highly recommend this one.


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