Throwback Thursday: Classic Edition

Before I hit the restart button on this blog, I started this thing that I aimed to do every other week called Throwback Thursday: Classic Edition. In an effort to broaden my knowledge on “classic novels,” I thought this would be a fun way for me to track my progress with books from that genre.

After perusing a couple of other blogs the last several weeks, I discovered that this isn’t an entirely original title. I have seen a couple of other people use it, but they use books with a publication date older than the current year for these posts. Which is where I think my participation may differ (or I may still be too new & unaware that it may not) in the sense that I will be featuring a classic novel on this blog every other Thursday.

On the old blog, I started this with a Jane Austen book. Emma was a great read to test this little project out on, and it was also fun because my best friend (the Belgian one) read this, so I could vent all my frustrations and feelings onto her. Thanks, Emma. *waves*

With that being said, I thought, why not continue on with another Austen novel? I have them all (with the exception of Sense & Sensibility) on my Kindle, so even better that I don’t have to pay anything for them! I decided with some help from my friend that I would go with Northanger Abbey.Northanger Abbey Cover Title

So expect to see this pop up on my “Currently Reading,” shelf, and also expect to see some hilarious (in my opinion) comments as I read on. It is satirical, and I think I’m more witty than I probably am, so this should be entertaining if nothing else.

Anyone else read/reading any Austen out there? Was Northanger Abbey ever on your list? Did you like it? Can’t wait to hear if anyone else enjoyed it!



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