Bout of Books 21 Daily Progress


Monday’s are often full of trepidation. There’s always a list of things that were “put off,” on Friday afternoon when my brain has mentally checked out, and I just want to blast “Cheers! (Drink to That) as I roll out of the parking lot.

Especially this Monday. My company recently won two new customers, so new customers means new job orders, which means more people to produce the product, so full blown recruiter mode is engaged!

Also, it’s come to my attention that my company has 2 3 events we want to host in January-February. Not to mention the couple of job fairs that I’ve been assigned, and a whole new program for interns that I need to manage.

All of this, along with the fact that we move houses in two days, has me completely worn out. So worn out that I actually passed out on the couch before last night’s Twitter challenge. I think I made it to 8:05pm EST (7:05pm CST).

But hey, in spite of dreading my Monday at work, things on the bookish end of things went pretty well. I managed an early morning reading sprint for an hour, knowing I would need to go into work a whole hour earlier than usual. So that’s something of a small achievement!

And while I came home, ate Taco Bell (still no beef!), and fell asleep on the couch with my book and doggie in my lap, instead of reading said book, I am proud of myself for doing an early morning reading sprint.

Pages Read: 56

Books Finished: 0

Find the rest of my Bout of Books week beneath the cut!


Can you tell that I’m slowly going a bit mad from that title choice alone? Well ok, so maybe I’m not going mad exactly. But I am kind of obsessed with alliteration. And since we didn’t have tacos on Tuesday, I couldn’t very well go that route for a title, now could I?

Anyway, my brain was a little twisted yesterday, so it actually does kind of work. Thank god, for books, interesting documentaries, & language learning to keep my mind distracted!

My Bout of Books progress has starter out a little slow, but there are some good announcements.

I turned 100 pages & finished a book!  

*does a little happy dance*

My second book of the year was The Chalk Man. And if you follow me on Goodreads and/or Twitter, you kind of have an idea of how I felt about it. Anyway, I wrote a draft of a review, and will hopefully have that up & running this evening.

And as far as progress for the rest of the week goes, I will try my best to have everything uploaded here. If not, here, then I’ll post notes via Twitter, so I can still link my progress and what not.

The hubster, dogger, & I are headed into the dark ages of the 21st Century people. A few days without internet access. Wish us luck as we (by ‘we,’ I mostly mean my strapping husband & his muscular friends) haul furniture and boxes into our three story forever home!

Pages Read: 103

Books Finished: 1

Anyone else finish a book? A few? What’s the best thing you’ve read so far?



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