ANOTHER Reading Challenge?!


ANOTHER reading challenge? Only 5 days into the New Year, and 1 book down, and I’m committing myself to yet another reading challenge? Yes, it’s true. But this one conveniently fits in with one of my reading resolutions.

I recently discovered as I so lovingly packed away each of my books in stiff, cardboard boxes that I have over 30 unread books in my possession! That might not seem like a lot to some of you, but it’s more than I’ve claimed to read for my Goodreads Challenge this year.

As soon as I found out there was a challenge dedicated to finishing off those sorely neglected books, I knew I had to join it. After all, I wanted to spend most of 2018 committing myself to reading what I already own before allowing myself to spend more on new books that may or may not fall into the “dust collector’s” category. This challenged then arose from me accidentally discovering it.

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed one day, and I saw a tag for the reading challenge from one of my mutuals (@jkimexploring). Naturally, me being a genuinely curious person, I clicked on the tag and learned more or less about what it was, and the overall concept aligned perfectly with one of my biggest reading resolution…to knock off those backlisted books from my TBR!

Not only does it align with what I need to accomplish this year as a reader, but this challenge appears to have the kind of laid back, supportive vibe I need. It lasts the entire year, and the only rule is to select books that are not published in the current year. Given my current TBR, this should be a piece of cake. I rarely get books prior to release to the general public (my January BOTM is an exception to this, I will say that upfront), and am looking to expand upon my readership of the classics. So I am rather looking forward to this reading challenge.

As with most other reading challenges, people set goals to mark their progress. And since this one lasts an entire year, and involves teams (like how fun, you’re aligned with other people!?) I figured, why not at least commit myself to reading 3 each month? It might be more, but I am aiming to definitely keep the per month minimum at 3 reads that qualify.

Reading goals aside, I also want to commit myself to posting a review here, and on Amazon. I feel like it’s time to become a bit more serious about my writing. And while a few Amazon reviews aren’t quite the same as writing a novel, it will require a level of discipline, and will hopefully enable me to improve my writing skills.

Reviewing goals aside, I want to do at least 1 monthly challenge on Instagram. I love how people create such beautiful visual aesthetics with books, and I want to contribute to that as well.

What does this all amount to? The way I understand it, each of these actions adds points to my team’s score, and brings one of us closer to receiving a giveaway prize each month, if we rack up the most points. Or at least, that’s what I recall from reading the original post.

All in all, I’m excited for this reading challenge. I’m always up for something that encourages me to read more, and allows me to meet more people who make books a priority in their life. Who knows? Maybe I’ll learn about an awesome read from someone, or meet a new bookish buddy?

Anyone else trying to knock off some books from their TBR?! Join the #BeatTheBacklist challenge! Who knows, maybe we will be on the same team? 🙂

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