Aggressively Trying

Ok, so I posted a single update for my contribution to #BoutofBooks this year. And then the rest of it kind went into a downward spiral of nothing. Same with the 8inFortyEight (stemming from 25inFive). I’m pretty sure I read two hours this weekend and even less last week.

Not to mention I totally didn’t do a bullet journal spread for this week, so I just feel like a disorganized jumble of parts and pieces. I hate weeks when I am unprepared like this. I feel like a little mouse scurrying from item to item on a string of post-it’s that make me even question why I try with the bujo. And then I get mad for wanting to give up on it.

Life has been so hectic the last couple of weeks, I don’t even know how to keep up with everything. I’m sure this isn’t the best day for me to update my blog because I just got my monthly parcel from mother nature. So my emotions are more polarized than normal.

But gosh, it’s really hard right now to focus on one single thing, finish it, do a good job & feel good about it. I can’t be alone in feeling this way, right?

Anyway, I am going to try and end this post on a positive note. Some things I did this past couple of weeks that I really should be proud of even if they aren’t contributing to my side projects and such.

Work Related:

  • I developed outlines for new ancillary benefits to offer to our employees.
  • I attended a great training program open house that might yield more candidates in the future.
  • I went on a business lunch in spite of not feeling like 100%. And I didn’t totally suck at it (even though he kind of did, communication wise).
  • I got over my fear of doing multiple calls in a day.

Personal Related:

  • I got my husband a sentimental birthday gift & made him dinner.
  • I baked delicious cookies & then got compliments on them at work.
  • I turned my insomnia this morning into a 30ish minute reading sprint.
  • And I am going to go home shortly, drink some wine, & aggressively read to forget about my trying day.
  • Also, I guess I just turned a negative post into a positive one and created a bujo list to make up for the fact that I do not have any updates in that little blue book.

How is everyone else out there doing? Feeling like none of your goals are being accomplished? Or are you killing it? If you’re being a total badass I would appreciate any words of encouragement you can provide this lowly book blogger, who tries so hard but often falls short.

Until next time bookworms!


Bout of Books updates…

…reorganized-reading style.

I’m always coming up with new ways of logging information about my life, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is my third method of logging my progress for Bout of Books.

Now, if you followed this blog around the time of its rebirth (around Jan 2018), you might remember that I was updating my BoB progress here.

But in another twist, to remain interesting & offer some splashes of color, I decided to combine the two things this blog is really about. My love of bullet journaling & books.

So here we go. I give you the first of 7 excerpts from the pages of my bujo, including little fun facts about me, pages read, books I’m on (and hopefully books I will complete). Also, check out my TBR list for this year’s Bout of Books on my bookstagram (well, it’s not just strictly books, but books dominate it quite a bit).

BoutofBooks Goals & Day 1

How did everyone else do for Bout of Books? Are you signed up? Make sure you sign up & make it official, so you can participate in the cool giveaways & prizes that will arise!


The Pro’s & Con’s of The Book Thief

I have a feeling there will likely be unpopular opinions for this post. And that’s ok. Diversity is what makes the world go round, ja/yeah?

19063I really wanted to love this book. I wanted to rave about it in this review. I wanted to proclaim my undying love to it. And maybe it’s because I am reading this so late in life. Maybe because I saw the film first my opinion of the book was slightly tainted. (Although truthfully, it wasn’t even that memorable, so I didn’t have too many spoilers that came from the film to the book.) I could probably come up with more reasons/excuses to try and place blame on myself for not LOVING this book, but we would probably be here all day.

We’ll start with the bad & the ugly.

In short, it was long. The protagonist wasn’t all that interesting. Sure, she’s a little girl, and it’s a coming of age story, so I get there is a lot of development & realizations of “this is the world we live in, how terrible and unfair,” but I just didn’t feel a connection to her. Her suffering didn’t move me for the majority of the book. It wasn’t until the end when I felt anything for her, and again, most of my sad feelings were directed at other characters.

Another thing I noticed was that my mind drifted off several times when reading this, and I felt the full 547 pages of this book. It felt really, really long to me. And I get we need more connections with the characters, so perhaps that was why the length was what it was, but I just felt like COME ON, IS ANYTHING EVER GOING TO HAPPEN? too many times.

There were a few moments where I would breeze through chapters, anticipating what was coming next, but those moments were few & far between for me.

Enter the reasons for the if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-2_47963if_star-0_47961 rating.

Now onto the good things that redeemed this for me & made me want to finish.

The writing was beautiful. It was lyrical and wrought with personification at every opportune moment. Everyday feelings, objects, etc., were given human dispositions that made sense, and added to the quality of writing.

The choice of narrator was unique and made for creative storytelling. I felt like having an ‘impartial,’ or ‘unbiased,’ narrator might have played into my lack of feeling for certain characters. But otherwise, I thought it was a creative aspect of the story. It made the pages go by quicker.

Another thing I liked about this, is something that I often struggle with as far as WW2 books goes. And that is the emotional toll a story takes on you. For me, this one this wasn’t super heavy on the emotions.

Sure, there were parts of it that were sad. And the descriptions of certain things were intended to be heartbreaking, but it wasn’t horrific or super dark like other books set in this era that I’ve previously read. It was just like “meh this is depressing,” but not debilitating where I would need a break from books set during this time period.

I did feel a certain prickling behind my eyes during Part 10. However, the resolution was kind of rushed and glossed over. Which is fine, it served it’s purpose. So there were some redeeming qualities in the final few sections.

I would probably recommend this to people. But I have read other books from this time period that I have enjoyed more, so this one would be just an “if you have the time,” or “if you want to read more experimental type writing,” sort of recommendation from me.

Anyone else not a fan of this one? Or do I stand alone? Any other good recommendations from the WW2 era? Or any other good books in general that you’re reading?

Let me know bookworms!


Bout of Books is Feeling 22!

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!

Just kidding. I’m not, but Bout of Books is! Or rather, this read-a-thon is on its 22nd run haha. My apologies for the weird/cheesy/awkward intro, but my hubster and I like to sing songs that have lyrics with certain numbers associated with them. So I was channeling that at the forefront of this post.

This is my third time participating in BoB, so I’m on the verge of ‘expert,’ status (yay for almost achieving small goals!). And even though this May appears to be a little crazy for me socially speaking, I’m still signing up for this read-a-thon.

It’s always proven to be a great time. A lot of Twitter socializing, challenges, giveaways, & the like over the course of a week.

For those of you who don’t know what Bout of Books is, check the information below:

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda Shofner and Kelly Rubidoux Apple. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, May 14th and runs through Sunday, May 20th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 22 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog.

grab button for Bout of Books

The thing I love most about this read-a-thon is its lowkey-ness. There’s no pressure to read a mountain of books. Though if you’re the type of person that can, more power to you. But I am not. I will be lucky if I get through 4. But still, in my mind that’s pretty impressive, since most of my books are at a minimum of 300 pages.

I’m also pretty excited because I found out that one of my challenge ideas is going to be used. So that’s kind of cool! *grins like a big eyed emoji about it*

But as far as my TBR goes, I’m not ready to decide it just yet. I’ll probably post a picture of my desired reads for this on Insta closer to the date, so stay tuned!

Any of my other fellow readers doing BoB 22? Where do you gals/guys post your updates for read-a-thons? Your blog? Twitter? Insta? Other methods?

I’m still mulling over how I will update my progress in this year’s Bout of Books. 

But anyway, make sure you sign up bookworms! This is truly a grand ole’ time!



The Votes Are In!


So it’s that time of the week again! This time, I thought I would make this announcement a little bit more fun and interactive. I asked you all to vote either through my Twitter or Instagram on what my next classic read should be, and I must say I am surprised and feel very grateful that so many (more) of you voted in this last poll.

A huge thank you to all of you for supporting the content of this post! For without your votes, this wouldn’t  be possible. You are all amazing humans who support this (probably selfish) endeavor of mine to be the best reader & writer I can be. And for that, I want to thank all of you for being so awesome! 🙂

Anyway, the news you are all waiting for. This race was a close one. I didn’t expect certain people to vote the way they did, but I still think its cool to see where everyone else’s interests in books lie also. So that was also kind of fun. Between Twitter & Instagram there were 13 votes!

And the winner is…

The votes were 8-6 in favor of Mr. Holmes here. But for those of you who voted for 1984, fear not. It’s the next on my list for my TBT Classic Edition. 🙂

As for those of you on Team Holmes, you’ll get to read my review for this one in the next couple of weeks!

So what is everyone reading out there? Any of you other bookworms have classics on your TBR? Let me know (if you want, of course)!

Until next time!


Review: Emma in the Night

(Side note: I updated my star rating key, so check the link above for full explanation of what each rating means! :))

Emma in the Night is truly twisted & thrilling read! It’s hard to give this one a long review without giving too much away. Wendy Walker sets up some things pretty early on, but you don’t exactly know when things are going to happen and the full extent to which they occur. She teases the nature of some characters, so you have an idea of what is going to happen, but there were still a couple of twists.

In spite of knowing or being able to anticipate some of the plot twists, I really liked both narrators. Cass & Dr. Winter were great characters, both who kind of understood one another’s psychology without ever having to really talk about it. This bond was fascinating as were the descriptions of narcissistic personality disorder.

A lot of what happens is based on this disorder, and the author does a good job of commenting on it whilst educating the reader more about. As someone who suffers from mental illness, this was kind of fascinating to me.

I think with a psychological thriller like this, it’s important to care about the characters and to also be urged to read on by the author. Walker creates empathetic characters and drives the reader to move forward. I would highly recommend this one.


Stop by on Thursday, where I will announce my next Throwback Thursday Classic, which you guys will vote for! Check out your choices here, and either DM me via Twitter or cast your vote on my Insta story! I’ll reveal the book with the most votes on Thursday!

Until next time bookworms!


#whatsinthebox18 Wrap Up! And Coming Reads!

That’s all folks!

I have completed the #whatsinthebox18 week long readathon. It was such a fun readathon, and I really did challenge myself to read more in a week than I normally would.

The original goal was 4 reads, and I am pleased to announce that I read 3.5 books! I definitely swapped out a monster length book for a shorter, more manageable one for my last reading sprint. (I will be discussing each of these reads in my live wrap up on Instagram that will take place in approximately 30 minutes.)

I definitely will participate in this readathon again. And hopefully by then I will have a couple more connections in the #bookstagram community that I will feel more comfortable in participating in the giveaway events (I felt weird just ‘making new friends,’ and then tagging them tbh).

But no complaints on not wining anything, really. I went into this with the mindset of wanting to finish some BOTM books that have been sorely neglected, and I did just that! I also wanted to meet and connect with some more people in the #bookstagram community, and I was successful in that also.

So all in all, it was a great experience! So if you’re looking to break into the bookish community on Instagram, or just want another week long readathon, participate in this one!

Seriously, wherethereadergrows & book.happy were AMAZINGLY generous hosts for this readathon. They were super active, and encouraging to everyone, even to a newb like me. And you don’t always have that in readathons, so I really felt welcomed in and included. Thank you for all your hard work ladies!

So now that I have finished up the following reads, what is next for reorganized-reading? Well, I am going to be doing another Best Friend Book Club read with my Belgian Bestie. A classic that has been on both of our TBR’s forever: The Book Thief!

I know, how behind the times are we on this one? It came out ages ago, right? But anyway, we’re both really excited to have another read to experience with one another. And also, there will be two giveaways this time! One when we meet the halfway mark, and the other when we sprint to the end. Stay tuned for more details on my Twitter & Instagram accounts!

And I will also be announcing my last Throwback Thursday Classic this coming Thursday, but I need your help in deciding which read to go with! Stay tuned as I will announce via Twitter & Instagram two options for you to choose from.

Thanks again to everyone who has made my reading experience so enjoyable thus far! I really am grateful to have had the chance to connect with some amazing individuals!

Until next time bookworms!